Friday, February 23, 2007

My Thoughts on Quotes of Feb. 19, 2007

These three quotes have a similar, if not the same, meaning as I understand them. We must each work toward a 'better us' in order to have a better, kinder world. It is counter productive to react with anger to the discourteous behavior which is rampant today. Yet a reaction of anger is exactly what I feel when someone lets a door go in my face, cuts my path off without an "Excuse Me", or demands an action from me instead of making a request followed by please. To offer help when someone drops a package--to comment on how precious a child is--to hold a door open for someone behind me regardless of age,sex, or race are non-questionable actions for me. To withhold judgement of those people who do not do these things I find next to impossible.

The realization that judging others because of what I consider their inadequacies discounts "my good deeds" has been a shock. The truth often is. How do I know that these people I am judging so harshly were ever even taught to behave as I think they should? How do I know that a tragedy has not occurred in their life causing them to be all but blind to others around them? Who the Hell do I think I am to judge anyone for anything?? That is what these three quotes are saying--that the only person I have the right to judge is myself with the hope that I am improving my personal self daily. Seems if that were to be the goal for each of us the world would be a better place for all.

How do you understand the quotes??
Do you agree with me?

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