Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Dorothy Flowers was 100 years old on March 2nd!!!

Dorothy Flowers is my 2nd cousin once removed according to the geneology relationship charts. To me she is one of the most remarkable people I know. The picture I included was taken at the celebration of her birthday on March 8th at Paulett's. We are all family. What fun we had--to the tune of 3 hours sitting, eating, and talking. As I was dragging out I noticed Dorothy simply prancing in front of me. How I admire her physical and emotional strength.

She was one of 2 children. Her brother died in his 50ths. Life is indeed strange. She grew up in Tabernacle, TN which is outside of Covington in Tipton County. When we asked her how long it took her to travel to Covington, which is where she went to school, she answered with "By buggy or Car?". By BUGGY or CAR!!!
We then had so many questions about traveling by buggy we never did learn how long the trip took. Seems she, her brother, and another young person rode in her family's buggy. Of course they had a driver. The driver lived on her family's cotton land.

At some point she boarded in Covington as did my father. He lived in the opposite direction outside of Covington for a time. My father had 2 sisters, Lyna & Sara. Aunt Lyna, Aunt Sara, and Dorothy spent time visiting in each other's homes. She told us of the night my Aunt Sara was to marry. Her husband-to-be was called home because of his father's death. Uncle Boots was from East TN. Dorothy described how Aunt Sara cried all night saying "OH what if Boots doesn"t come back?"--"Do you think he will come back Dorothy?'' --"What if he doesn't?" Of course Uncle Boots did return. The wedding took place. They had many years and to the best of my knowledge a very happy life together. Yet now as I remember Aunt Sara I will visualize a young women who feared her marriage would never take place and feel for her that night so long ago.

We all know that one can never be sure when immediate family members are sharing with you whether events told are padded or not. With Dorothy it is different. She was not a sibling to our parents plus she is the only one remaining of our parents, Aunts, and Uncles. There is no one to be unhappy about what she shares with this part of the family. A sad fact but certainly a freeing one. Stories from Dorothy provides me with some insight and understanding of those most important persons in my life whom I knew as older with lots of authority. Doroty's stories allow me to see them more as people-as young people with dreams and plans just as I have had. I wonder why we must age before becoming aware of just how human our parents were? I suppose we need our own experiences and others' stories before the picture starts to complete itself.

Another thought of a lighter note that that most delightful day has brought to mind--- Who will be here outside of siblings, nieces, and nephews when I am gone to pass on stories to my child or grandchildren?? Are we friends?? If not-do they at least like me? How can I learn who it will be so I can be friends?? Make them like me!!

As my son says I can always find something to worry about!!

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