Saturday, September 1, 2007

Six Months Gone and Not a Word Recorded

This may not have been the most exciting 6 months in history but far more so than my writings indicate. In the last month I have been to Atlanta, GA., Columbia, and Giles County, TN and I spent a day or two in Covington, TN.

On August 9th I flew to Atlanta to be with my son, Emory, when he had jaw surgery. His girl of 8 years, Emily Edwards, had to work the Friday morning of surgery. Emily drove us to the the hospital leaving 5 minutes or less before Emory was taken back for surgery. She left work in time to pick us up from the hospital 3 to 4 hours later. I ran a few errands Friday afternoon while she stayed with Emory.

Since we were unsure how Emory would feel after his surgery we were unsure of what type care he would need. His care consisted of Em and Em, as I call them, nestled on the couch watching TV. An occasional run for food was made to get Emory out of the apartment for awhile. My role------well other than the errands was non-existent. My place --2nd women in my son's life, blatantly stated in various ways. My reaction-flight change from Monday to Sunday leaving a little hurt and angry yet happy to know Don & I had done our job. Emory had moved into an adult relationship--one that places his partner 1st and parents 2nd. I accept that this is the way it should be--that this is life. I do not like it --not one bit!!!

On August 16th, 2007 I went to Covington for Mrs Westerfield's 90th birthday. She looked so pretty in her purple suit and was as sweet as ever. It is obvious that she cared and still does care about Mary Ann's friends. Strange how one must age to understand so many aspects of life.
There were several people at the luncheon I had not seen in awhile. One being Mrs. Becky Bringle, Charlotte's Mom and the other was Velma Peepler, Susan Shoaf's aunt [Katherine's sister]. To my surprise neither one had a clue who I was upon sight-----Mrs. Bringle knew immediately when told my name but I am not convinced Aunt Velma ever understood. So much for being unforgettable!!

The luncheon was wonderful and great fun. Mary Ann, Anne McCall, June & I were all in the same class together. Memories of slumber parties, ghost stories, smoking grape vines, smoking cigarettes, riding bikes, driving cars, and on and on surface new each time we get together. Some memories we remember differently but a surprising number we all remember the same. One that June and I never forget is my rejection of her when she moved to Covington in the 2nd grade. You see she moved from Connecticut. I thought she should go back because we did not need Yankees in my home town. To ensure she knew I meant what I said I chased her around the playground waving my baton. After several corrections by the school and others she and I became very dear friends-----of course she also became a Southern along the way!!

On the 22nd of August I went to Jackson to pick up my cousin Jim Matthews and his wife, Sharon. We then drove to Columbia, Tn to their daughter's home. We spent Wed & Thurs nights there returning Friday. I went to Giles county researching genealogy on Mother's family for the day Thursday. We arrived at Mary Jane and Lee's in Columbia about 5 or so. Their home is beautiful and they were ever so gracious. It was a wonderful experience for me since I tend to live a life of stress. They are laid back. I felt no tension --no one got upset over non-issues as happens here. I had forgotten what it was like to express an opinion and have others agree or question nicely--[agree mostly]. When we left I felt more like me and more relaxed than I have in years.
Mary Jane has always been a favorite of mine. She kept Emory a time or two and he adored her. She and Lee impressed me with their parenting skills --quiet, calm, loving, and nurturing. The children well behaved. Never did I hear or think would ever hear anything close to 'Damn it, Emory--I said....>>>>>'.
Lee, who is an orthopedic surgeon, is down to earth, social and easy to be around. I felt so comfortable, welcome and safe. Yes safe----what better place for me to visit with my bones [or lack of] than the home of an orthopedic surgeon !!!
I loved having the time with Jim and Sharon. Each time I am with them I tell myself I will not go so long without visiting again, but I do. Jim and I are the youngest grandchildren, 10 months apart, and 6 to 7 years or more younger than the rest. We were always close but with adulthood and settling in our worlds -his in Jackson and mine in Memhis, - we have drifted apart. Yet when I see him I feel as if we are as close as ever. That's what family is all about I supppose. I enjoyed every minute of the trip and would repeat it again tomorrow in a wink.

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