Sunday, March 8, 2009

01 September 2007 to 08 March 2009

How Funny_____My last post was about waiting 6 months before writing again!!!!!!
Well now how about a year, 5 months, and 8 days!!!!! Why one could be led to think either my life or my brain were exceptionally dull. These are points on which I prefer not to elaborate, Thank You Very Much.

Writing a novel keeps entering my thoughts, possibly a sequel set.
Titles I have considered are---- Wicked Women; Vicious Vixens; Revenge of the Victim; My Sister, My Husband's Mistress; A Family's Demise in One Generation; Clueless Doesn't Cover It; If the Dog Could Talk, People Would Walk and many more.
Why the more I think about it--one setting could be a most pleasant neighborhood with children around the same age, going to the same school, participating in the same activities. This neighborhood is the old time All American setting as most of us understand it to be. The families spend hours and hours together as their children are growing up. They spend this time enjoying their children's activities and lives but they also socialize often with each other. The children grow up as siblings in many ways--each house is another home to each child. Yet---there is an underlying evil of relationship aggression, backstabbing, and belying that as the years past causes the victim's marriage to become a nightmare and destroys her health. It is a slow progression. Lies abound. To have undermining lies told hurt enough but the fact that they are believed is almost unbearable. Slights began as subtle, most remaining that way over the years. Slights that are well timed to ensure no one else but aggressor[s] and victim are aware of the rejection. Her husband tells her nothing has happened. Intuition as well as factual happenings tell her that they did. The results of the gossip become obvious to her. People avoid and exclude her. People who have not avoided or excluded her before. She begins to question her sanity, question if she has a life hidden to her. She wonders if she is going crazy--she fears it is so! How futile her struggle is UNTIL ...._________________________________________________________________________
Would you want to read it ???????

Another novel setting could or could not include neighborhood involvement but why not spread stories into more reading for you and more money for me! {Fun to imagine, isn't it?"}
Primary characters would be a couple and the wife's sister. Lots of secondly characters many of whom could be used in the sequel stories. After several years of marriage the wife suspects that her husband is being unfaithful. As most stories of this sort go--she immediately thinks of his secretary. This belief remains intact until several family members go on a trip. t Those included were this couple and the Sister & her husband along with others. One particular instant--and it was one act in one short instant-- alerted the wife to the relationship between her sister and her husband. The awareness leads to back flashes of curious situations. The connections, the signals, the times both not at home start surfacing to the consciousness. How clear the past becomes when it had only previously nagged at her head. Some things most of us do not allow ourselves to think. Your husband and Your Sister fit in this category.
The wife prepares to take action. She contacts both a detective and a lawyer. Within the preparation period a family emergency occurs which can not help but permanently divide her family of origin. Her decision to expose the marital triangle could and most likely would create an even greater division. A small child was involved. The child's future safety and happiness was at stake. For the sake of the child the wife allowed her name and reputation to be smeared. The worse she looked the less anyone would think of her husband abandoning ''the slutty wife' for the 'sweet, innocent until now' sister. The wife, who had been totally faithful to her husband for the 20+ years of marriage, waited for a time when the child's well being would not be endangered. Had she waited too long? Could she ever regain her reputation? No longer was she the only one hurting but now her child felt the uygliness. She feels she must hold her head up and fight---after 10 years---after--after------------
What about this---readable??

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